12 Supercars That Are Slower Than A Ford Focus

11. De Tomaso Pantera

Years: 1971-1991
0-60mph: 5.5 seconds
Engine: 5.8l V8
Power: 330hp

Exotic Italian looks and strong American muscle are a hard combination to beat, and in its heyday, not much beat the Pantera.


12. Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada

Years: 1965-1968
0-60mph: 6.1 seconds
Engine: 5.4l V8
Power: 385hp

The 5300 GT Strada is the street version of a race car originally built with the intent of beating Ferrari at Le Mans (which it did, twice), after an infamous revolt against Enzo Ferrari in 1961 that saw key staffers form a new company.