DongFeng Automobile

The idea took hold that Chinese vehicles are attractive, especially, its low price. Dong Feng Motor started out as a supplier of military vehicles and, therefore, initially focused on achieving reliability in harsh operating conditions.

Dongfeng’s products are:

• low operating costs (first of all, because of the effective index of fuel consumption and reasonable cost of spare parts that are readily available);
• strengthening the main structural elements (including — suspension);
• a high level of protection against corrosion;
• actually backed guarantee — of 18 months or more (or 80 000 km);
• comfortable working conditions of drivers (air conditioning for the summer, a heater and engine start system for the winter berth in commercial vehicles — two of them in a truck tractor);
• internationally respected its partners for joint production — for example, Nissan and Renault.

Founded in 1969, Dongfeng company launched its first civilian vehicle in 1978, and in 1986 the total volume of produced cars for the first time exceeded the figure of 100 000 units.

Not currently, with conveyors dozen productions of Dongfeng, placed not only in China, but also in Malaysia, Iran, Pakistan and other countries each year goes more than one million units of vehicles for different purposes: passenger cars and of LCV, special and agricultural machinery, buses and trucks cars — chassis, dump trucks, tractors and flatbed machine.

On the production of Dongfeng, functioning in the framework of the quality management system ISO-9000 More in 2000, today employs more than 300 000 qualified employees.

A distinctive feature of the company is the consistent establishment and development of centers of development. Moreover, not only vehicles. Today, DongFeng is a reputable developer and supplier of own equipment for production cars.

In practice, confirmed the claimed Dongfeng warranty mileage and the expected correlation between price and operating results.

This is not surprising, as the Dongfeng export policy provides:

• the use of foreign brand components and assemblies;
• certification of the passage in accordance with local regulations (rather than bypassing it, which is characteristic of other Chinese automakers).

Of Dongfeng, which translates as «East Wind», it is considered one of the largest car manufacturers not only in China but also in Asia.