Stunning hybrid coupe concept from Volvo in the spirit P1800

Barely remember when Volvo is the last time we really happy with something unusual. But it seems that their latest hybrid coupe is quite able to take on such responsibility, photos of which were posted today to the forthcoming premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 in September this year.

This is the first project of Volvo, which was written under the leadership of new chief designer of Swedish brand Ingenlantha Thomas (Thomas Ingenlath). The new concept of the upcoming coupe became the first of a series of three concept cars that will display the future of design features and architecture of the Swedish automaker.

The hybrid coupe is both elegant and dynamic, but what really makes it stand out — it’s an understated style of the old model P1800 (built from 1961 to 1973), which captures the essence of classic coupe Volvo.

Thomas explains: «It is the duty of every car designer is to combine living design company with modern technological language of the retro coupe Volvo P1800 is an iconic car known for its beautiful forms and details, however, our hybrid model uses only the external and internal elements of the P1800, and has nothing.. to do with the retro coupe. »

Interior 2-seater model (there are also two seats behind, but we doubt that any adult could fit there) has a futuristic language, and so at this point it is difficult to introduce the production version. The main difference is the interior dashboard, leather-wrapped, the various elements, made from naturally aged wood, and a huge touch screen on the central console.

Push the new hybrid concept Volvo Coupe is a 2.0-liter high-performance Drive-E petrol engine with a supercharger and a turbo, united with an electric motor on the rear axle, transmitting torque to the front wheels. The hybrid system will be able to provide a total of about 400 hp and more than 600 Nm of torque.

«Coupe Volvo — no futuristic dream car», says the designer. «It is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the new company architecture. Despite the similarities with the new XC90, is a completely different type of vehicle.»