Top 10 American Cars You Can Buy For Under $5K

Pontiac Fiero

Years: 1985-1988

Yes, I’m putting a Fiero on here… but only the specific years of 1985 to 1988. It’s true that the stereotype of a «Fiero on fire» came from a series of (OK, over 100) unfortunate incendiary events. By the end of the first year of production, GM solved those problems, but the damage to the reputation was done and remains to this day. Which works in your favor, since you can get a pretty decent 1980s American sports car — which in its day could go toe to toe with MR2s and RX7s — for cheap.


Saleen Focus


Year: 2005

If you’re a car guy like me, when you think of Saleen, you think of a) Mustangs, and b) the S7 supercar, but over the years there have been others, including even some non-Fords like the Camaro and Challenger.

As you can see, there was even a Saleen Focus, both in a handling-oriented S121 version and the NO2 guise, which as the name implies, used nitrous oxide for a quick 75hp boost. Whether or not you’re a fan of the Fast and Furious-esque design cues, a trip through a mountain pass should make you a believer.