Top 10 Smartest Talking Birds In The World

9. Yellow-crowned Amazon

The playful and affectionate, yellow-crowned amazon parrots are found in rain forests of South and North America. They are one of excellent talkers of the amazon parrots family. Some parrots of this species are excellent talkers and some others never talk.


The ability to talk merely depends upon different factors like environment they live and frequency of interaction with humans. Another thing yellow-crowned Amazons are known for is their loud voice. They also have long lifespan, more than 60 years.

The yellow-crowned amazon or yellow-crowned parrot is a species of parrot native to tropical South America and Panama. The taxonomy is highly complex, and the yellow-headed and yellow-naped amazon (A. auropalliata) are sometimes considered subspecies of the yellow-crowned amazon. Except in the taxonomic section, the following deals only with the nominate group.

Subspecies in the nominate group have a total length of 33–38 cm. As most other amazon parrots, it has a short squarish tail and primarily green plumage. It has dark blue tips to the secondaries and primaries, and a red wing speculum, carpal edge and base of the outer tail-feathers. The red and dark blue sections are often difficult to see when the bird is perched, while the red base of the outer tail-feathers only infrequently can be seen under normal viewing conditions in the wild. The amount of yellow to the head varies, with nominate, nattereri and panamensis having yellow restricted to the crown-region, while the subspecies xantholaema has most of the head yellow. All have a white eye-ring. They have a dark bill with a large horn or reddish spot on the upper mandible except panamensis, which has a horn colored beak. Males and females do not differ in plumage. Except for the wing speculum, juveniles have little yellow and red to the plumage.