15 Innovative Gadgets for Your Mobile Devices

SnapPower Charger

Need to power up your electronic devices via a USB? Check out the SnapPower Charger. It’s a cover plate that fits over existing outlets – no hard wiring needed – making any standard outlet in your home USB compatible in seconds. The dedicated USB port leaves both outlets free for other uses. The chargers are compatible with standard duplex and decor outlets that have exposed screw terminals, regardless of the manufacturer or year. The SnapPower charger is not compatible with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets that are sometimes found in bathrooms.

Cost: Individual units cost $20 / Bundle pricing also available



Have trouble keeping up with your keys, bag or wallet? Check out Loopio, a new mobile tracking device currently in Kickstarter. The loop on the slim aluminum tracker acts as the antenna as well as a convenient way to attach it to items. According to the designer, it’s able to achieve optimal signal stability for up to 50m (164 feet). The project is slated to run until the middle of June, with an estimated delivery of October 2015.

Cost: Super Early Bird Pledge £20 ($31 USD) or more