15 Innovative Gadgets for Your Mobile Devices

Solar E Panels

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly way to charge your mobile devices or plan to be out in the wild for a time, you might want to check out the Solar E Panels. The Solar E Panel, a compact and lightweight solar charger, will charge up your most vital electronic devices while you’re far away from an outlet. The charger comes in either 5.6 or 11 watts. The 5.6 watt has an easel back and single USB output port with 1A. The 11 watt unit has two USB output ports with a total 2.1A.

Cost: Starts at $69.99



Love all things Apple? Check out the NuDock Apple Watch and iPhone docking station. The unit has a touch-sensitive light and three integrated USB charging ports for the iPhone, Apple Watch and an additional device such as an iPad or Kindle. Already fully funded on Indiegogo, delivery of the docking station with lamp is expected in July 2015.

Cost: $149


Looking for a portable power plant for all your mobile devices? Check out kraftwerk, a totally new energy supply technology for mobile electronic devices. kraftwerk enables you to generate your own energy using a small, handy device – in such large amounts that you can run your iPhone, tablet, or even your GoPro camera for weeks, according to the creator. The device runs on standard camping gas or commercially available lighter gas. Expected delivery is February 2016.

Cost: $149