Top 10 Dog Breeds for Kids and Families

8. Collie


If you wished to have Lassie as a pet, then collies make the perfect pet for you. Collies are herding dogs. Originally used for agricultural use, it has been a perfect family pet over the years because of its calm and friendly demeanor. For some families, collies become a great pet especially if they love to go outdoors.

Collies have either short or long fur. Also, Collies are very trainable. In fact, they rank decently compared to other breeds in terms of intelligence. However, you have to keep in mind that there are different kinds of collies. Rough and Smooth Collies are among the most popular options for families.

The collie is a distinctive type of herding dog, including many related landraces and standardised breeds. The type originated in Scotland and Northern England. The collie is a medium-sized, fairly lightly built dog, with a pointed snout. Many types have a distinctive white pattern over the shoulders. Collies are very active and agile, and most types of collies have a very strong herding instinct. Collie breeds have spread through many parts of the world and have diversified into many varieties, sometimes with mixture from other dog types. Some collie breeds have remained as working dogs, used for herding cattle, sheep and other livestock, while others are kept as pets, show dogs or for dog sports, in which they display great agility, stamina and trainability. While the AKC has a breed they call «Collie», in fact collie dogs are a distinctive type of herding dog including many related landraces and formal breeds. There are usually major distinctions between show dogs and those bred for herding trials or dog sports. They typically display great agility, stamina and trainability and more importantly sagacity.