Top 10 Dog Breeds for Kids and Families

6. Golden Retriever


Golden retriever is quite similar to Labradors. These large sized dogs could easily make it in our list of best dog breeds for kids and families. Characterized by their beautiful coats, golden retrievers make excellent pets for so many reasons. Golden retrievers are fun dogs especially for families who love to outdoors. They are good swimmers and have a natural affinity with water.

Golden retrievers, like the Labradors are often times used by visually impaired and hearing impaired individuals. If you are thinking about having a Golden retriever in your home, especially with your kids, this can be a good idea. Golden retrievers are calm and could easily bond with households that have children.

If you opt to have a Golden Retriever, it is important to have an hour or so of exercise. Most dogs that don’t get to run and play often times suffer from conditions such as hip problems later in their life. Golden retrievers are trainable and could be a good member of the family even when you have toddlers.