Top 10 Dog Breeds for Kids and Families

7. Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers make another great option for families who plan to have a dog for their families. Labradors make a favorite dog for those visually impaired individuals and for airports sniffing bombs, drugs and other types of contraband’s.

Labradors can be an active dog which can be brought to the outdoors. Despite its size, it is a perfect pet especially for families with kids. It has a calm and friendly temperament which can be enjoyed by playful kids. Labradors could weigh around 80 pounds or even close to 100 lbs. Available in different colors, you can choose darker or lighter shades depending on your preference.

But of course, you also have to consider the natural inclination of the Labradors to sniff and track particular scents. Also, once Labradors get old, you will have to worry about the possibility of having hip issues because of their size. It is advisable to keep them fit. Among the games that you can play with the Labrador is fetch. They will enjoy fetching the ball endlessly.